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Love. Wedding. Repeat. Review

'Love. Wedding. Repeat. More like Love, Wedding & Never Again!'

Jack (Sam Claflin) is desperately trying to keeps his sister, Hayley's (Eleanor Tomlinson) wedding on track amidst a run of bad luck. Juggling Hayley's crazy wedding crasher with a secret, an ex-girlfriend and the one that got away Dina (Oliva Munn); Jack's night goes from good, to bad, to crazy and ridiculous.  This film goes off the rails with a mix of different elements crashing together in the most farcical way possible: this film will call it bad luck, but you would have to have blown up all the mirrors in Versailles to end up with a wedding day that is this disastrous. In a typically Butterfly Effect fashion, we are subjected to the cringe worthy events of the entire wedding before rewinding, changing one detail, and watching it all go wrong again in a different way. As if it wasn't bad enough the first time! This film had potential! There was the possibility of it being interesting, even refreshing. And then, this unoriginal film cast all these events as bad luck. This is not true at all! In this film it is down to the characters just being plain awful human beings. Jack and his long lost love Dina are the only two who deserve a happy ending, without spoiling anything, I will say that the 'bad luck' just reveals the tremendously horrible things that the characters have done to one another. The final wedding goes the 'right' way at long last masking the flaws of the characters, but by this point they are hard to forget. It is hard to root for anyone outside the two star crossed lovers. The comedy is one thing that this film does get right, there are some good moments that involve Aisling Bea (Rebecca.) Even this is not without its flaws though. The awkward social situations are made worse through her cringey comedy  (think of the Office but not done as well) and while she is funny, it starts to feel like characters are there to just set her up. The other standout is the couple Chaz (Allan Mustafa) and Amanda (Freida Pinto) whose bickering is fairly entertaining. Their dialogue mostly revolves around his threatened manhood. This is a good comedy! Not for you if you hate the kind of humour that leaves you hiding behind the sofa in abject horror. The story is secondary to the comedic beats and many character are present just to facilitate a laugh rather than to drive the plot. This results in feeling like nothing is happening for the first 40 minutes of an hour and a half film. It is pretty painful to sit through the first half and I only did it in the hope the second half is better. It is not! Love. Wedding. Repeat. More like Love, Wedding & Never Again! This film is one long cringe from start to finish. The incredibly awkward dialogue is split up by the occasional rare comedic moment. There are some versions of this type of story that are just so much better like About Time (2013). The intertwining love story is a common trope, just look at Love Actually (2003)  if you want to see it done well. If you want to watch a romcom, make sure it is not this one please!


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