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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Review

'The film celebrates everything Eurovision whilst also making fun of it for being over the top and utterly irrelevant'

Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) dream of escaping their sleepy Icelandic hometown and competing in the singing competition Eurovision. There is just one problem! This dynamic duo (Fire Saga) are utterly unknown – for them to get to the qualifying round in Reykjavik would be a small miracle. Their journey is a long one and as they begin to progress toward the final, their friendship blossoms and their hometown begins to believe. Will they overcome everything and go beyond friendship to something more or will Russian Alexander Lemtov (Dan Stevens) stay between them?

This film is eclectic and crazy with wacky songs and brilliant outfits! The characters are all hilarious representatives of their respective countries. The character of Alexander steals the show with his larger than life ego – an ego that may be bigger than Russia itself. His songs are over the top and reflect the entire spirit of the Eurovision competition. You will find yourself laughing out loud at the music, outfits, and dances. To sum it up: this film is simply very entertaining!

This hilarity is carried throughout with the surprisingly good performances of Ferrell and McAdams and their passable Icelandic accents. The chemistry between them is great. It makes their on-screen relationship believable and it helps make them endearing but also funny! They do misplace their accents from time to time which is particularly noticeable as they are so good. The two leads do a great job, but I wish that they could have found Icelandic actors to represent their country

The film does get lost in its own ridiculousness at points! The plot cannot withstand too much consideration – it falls apart if you think about it too hard. It is a typical Will Ferrell comedy and if this is not your thing then this films plot could be frustrating. I found myself somewhere in the middle enjoying most of the jokes but struggling with the outlandish situations Lars and Sigrit get themselves entangled in.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is in the same category as Blades of Glory! It has similar comedic beats and Ferrell is in a similar role. The film celebrates everything Eurovision whilst also making fun of it for being over the top and utterly irrelevant which works great. I found myself having a surprisingly fun time – it is perfect for a Friday night.


Written by George Marshall

Edited by Isobella Norman

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