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Cup of Cheer Interview and Trailer

‘It’s time to jingle those balls – a Cup of Cheer 2020’

~ Storm Steenson

Jake Horowtiz (Director/ Writer/ Producer) and Andy Lewis (Writer/ Producer) make a deliberate choice to avoid the ‘TV Christmas movies’ that they were told would make them money. Instead, they created a satirical masterpiece Cup of Cheer.

This film is a ‘laugh every ten seconds’ (Jake Horowitz) playing into the cheeriness of Christmas but with a twist. It’s cheesy trailer voice over will make you want to fast-forward time to the November release – with its beautifully hilarious wit and charm this film is a guaranteed great watch. The trailer alone has the potential to leave you bent double in hysterics, aching for more. Watch it and wait in anticipation for this fantastic new genre-twist on a Christmas classic.

Cup of Cheer is going to be an incredible and insanely wacky addition to our Christmas canon – a comedy like nothing you have seen before. It is a hilarious satire bringing something fresh to an oversaturated genre. Mary (Storm Steenson) is a big city journalist returning to her hometown Snowy Heights for an article about the town’s world-famous Christmas cheer. When she quite literally runs into Chris (Alexander Oliver) she learns that this winter-wonderland is about to lose its charming hot cocoa shop Cup of Cheer. And on Christmas Eve! Mary must use her big-city smarts and spirit to bring the entire town together to save Chris’s café.

Photo Credit: Daniel Everitt-Lock

Interviewing the cast made one thing abundantly clear – the incredible writing and sheer humour of the script is what drew these actors into the Cup of Cheer world. Storm (Mary) and Jacob Hogan (Authuh) both highlighted how hilarious it is to read the script let alone watch the film. It is the heart and soul of this production making it impossible to not want to watch and hear more. Storm loved her character who is ‘genuinely happy’ and ‘up for anything’ whilst Jacob who was offered multiple characters chose Authuh. It is this love combined with the witty and hilarious script that comes through in everything including the trailer.

Photo Credit: Chantale Viens

The whole crew seem like such a close-knit group and it is so exciting to see! It really shone through when I spoke to them like the spirit and Christmas cheer leaks out of the film to the people involved with it. The actors’ own personalities are injected into their roles elevating the on-screen chemistry and the memories they built on set are what will make it such a brilliant Christmas watch. Jake, Andy, Storm and Jacob all spoke so fondly of their time together and these interactions enhanced the film. Jacob found one scene challenging due to the Canadian coldness leaving him and his crew to find increasingly ‘ridiculous pep talks’ for one another. What was meant to be a comedic scene became the ‘emotional core’ of the film and just goes to show how the cast relationships are at the very heart of this Christmas film.

Cup of Cheer is a true original which takes on an overly saturated genre to bring us a fresh fun flick that will brighten even the darkest of times (I.E. 2020). Having the chance to meet the cast and production team that brought this to life was incredible. It showed me just how important the cast and crew are to the chemistry and comedy. The passion for the project was abundant and shone through every inch of the production. It is comic and brilliant and I personally cannot wait for its scheduled November release. Click here to watch the trailer now!

Photo Credit: Chantale Viens

Written by George Marshall

Edited by Isobella Norman

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